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Office and Guest House at Gangwara, Darbhanga

This project is a mixed-use building accommodating two offices and a guest house. The location of the building, just outside the hustle of the city, is optimum for a workplace and residence. This project is under construction and is estimated to be completed in January 2021.

The upper two stories constitute a duplex guest house having two bedrooms, a kitchen, hall, gym, and open terraces. The first floor accommodates our office, i.e. workplace for OmNi Architects. The ground floor is the office of a construction company. Both the offices open into a pleasing landscaped area in front of the building making a common leisure point. The contemporary building form and the landscape blends to give a serene and complete feeling. The design of the landscape incorporates the blend of stone, grass, and water.

The Interior of the office on the ground floor has been designed using elements and colors that make the space energetic and lively. The elements, wall treatments, and the decors in the office epitomize the work done by the office in a very subtle way.

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