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Our Story

OmNi Architects was started by Architect Om Diwakar and Architect Nishtha. The firm has designed more than 50 projects and also has been fortunate to complete some prestigious projects in and around Darbhanga. The firm's work covers a large domain of projects spanning from Residences, Offices, Hotel, Banquets, Restaurants, Hospitals, Private clinics, Warehouses, garden designs, showrooms and outlets.  OmNi Architects acknowledges each project as a dream of the owners and put all efforts to make it true. We believe in detailed and economically feasible designs. Our designs are the client's comprehended needs and aspirations on paper.

Omni means 'ALL' and as the name suggests, the firm takes up the most aspect of a building project and works in subcategories such as - Architecture, Engineering, Interior, Landscape, Construction Management, Conservation of heritage buildings, and so on and so forth. 

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